Why I Stopped Blogging

It has been a little over two years since my last blog post here on The Daily Ply and boy let me tell you…I really missed it!

Now that I’m back with my first blog post in a VERY long time, I think I owe all of my wonderful readers an explanation as to why I stopped blogging for so many years.

The first reason (and to be completely honest), I felt that writing became more of a chore than something I truly enjoyed when I first started The Daily Ply. This was a massive red flag for me as I have always been an advocate of only “doing things that you’re truly passionate about” whether it be a job or a side-hustle (which The Daily Ply was to me). I’ve had multiple brands reach out to me while I was hiatus to collaborate and I turned all of them down as I felt my heart truly wasn’t in it anymore at that point in time.

Second, I was extremely time poor moving back to Australia from New York City, started a new career in aviation, fell pregnant, had a baby, launched a new pregnancy/new mum gift box company (name drop…ChapterBox) all while looking to buy an investment property (which took up a lot of my weekends). So, needless to say, I have been busy (insert half cry/happy face here).

Goodbye New York πŸ™

Now that we have FINALLY bought a house and baby Riley is now 9 months old, I have finally found a good rhythm where I can give The Daily Ply all of the love and attention it needs and so deserves. We are currently planning all of our renovations for our new house so stay tuned as I will be documenting this process.

Baby Riley @ Forster, New South Wales

The Daily Ply will see new topics such as motherhood, home, and lifestyle as I have so much to share with you all. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with you all. It has been a short minute πŸ˜‰

Lizzie xoxx

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